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How did it all start?

At its meeting on 11th September 2019 Overton Parish Council declared a climate emergency and agreed to form a separate sub-committee to take this forward. In October 2019 Sustainable Overton was born and over the last two years has been involved with a number of projects in the village including a nappy library, a repair cafe, the 'Overton Cup' and the 'Overton Bag'.  A number of committees were also started including the Energy Group.

Initially the group was planning to encourage the owners of all community buildings within the village to install rooftop PV.  However it soon became clear that none of the halls used enough electricity for this to be viable.  Using a mapping programme, the group started looking at buildings that might be suitable for PV in the wider parish.  Initially, five sites were shortlisted for consideration which enabled the group to make an application for a Stage 1 feasibility grant from the Rural Community Energy Fund in November 2020.

The group found out that is had been successful in obtaining a grant in February 2021 and has since been investigating the five sites in further detail.

To find out more about Sustainable Overton - click the SO logo

Sustainable Overton has a Energy Toolkit to help you find out more about Community Energy

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